Chances are, if you’ve been playing beach volleyball already, that you have your own list of reasons why it’s the best sport out there. But it can never hurt to point out a few more reasons to love the game, so read on for three benefits you might not realize come with beach volleyball!

1. Social. Yes, there are social aspects of almost every sport out there, but beach volleyball is unique in this regard. When you get together with a group of people to play, you’ll be rotating partners and getting to know lots of different people. It’s not uncommon for people to rotate different partners for tournament play, too, so you can truly get to know lots of new people. Plus, after you’re done playing, you’re at the beach—the ultimate place to hang out. It’s always easier to linger longer when you’re at such a scenic place.

2. Responsibility. Beach volleyball will teach responsibility. Playing doubles means that it’s just you and your partner, so you’ll be forced to touch the ball almost every time it crosses onto your side of the court, so there’s no hiding in the corner. The outcome of the game is entirely dependent on how you play—win or lose.

3. Sustainability. It’s no secret that jumping and landing can be hard on your joints, but if there was ever a material that alleviated some of the negative effects, it’s sand. It’s malleable enough to cushion the impact of your landing, so you can enjoy beach volleyball for longer. So go ahead, make it a hobby for life!

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