3 Ways that Compression Pants Will Help You Play Better

As much as we wish we could have had an endless summer, fall is finally here. But it’s going to take a lot more than a bit of cool weather to get us off the beach! We might not be able to play in bikinis anymore, but you can bet we’ll be getting in our fix of beach volleyball all year long. One of our favorite ways to stay energized and warm during the cooler months is by wearing compression pants. Read on for more about the technology that makes our Virus Bioceramic compression crop pant perfect for the beach volleyball athlete.

1. Better Oxygen Flow to Your Muscles. The tight fit of these leggings are more than just a fashion statement—the compression of your muscles actually helps the flow of blood in your muscles, getting that blood back to your heart faster and improving the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

2. Faster Recovery Time. If you continue to wear the compression pants after your workout, you’ll actually speed up your recovery time by reducing the amount of inflammation that can take place in your muscles! Plus, you can get help with injuries. If you’re recovering from an injury, compression pants will give you extra support when are where you need it.

3. More Power for Longer. Beach volleyball is all about quick bursts of energy, so the longer you can sustain this power, the better. Again, the tight fit of the compression pants is what researchers think makes the difference here: if you can reduce the movement of muscles during high impact things like jumping and sprinting, you can use the muscles more efficiently.

And if none of this convinced you of the need to try our Virus Bioceramic compression crop pant, at the very least you’ll be staying warm. Warm muscles are much less likely to tear during workouts than cold muscles, so you can train hard all year long. You can find them on our online store, here. And keep checking back, we’re getting longer versions in soon!

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