1. Start Your Research Now
This is definitely an area where you can bet that the early bird gets the worm! Have an idea now of what you want out of your college sand volleyball experience and start finding potential fits today. Don’t be afraid to reach out to coaches and ask questions and let them know you’re interested!

2. Show Off Your Skills
The goal here is to be seen by potential coaches, but don’t panic if you don’t have coaches lining up behind your court at tournaments—there are other ways to be seen than in person. One way to get creative here would be to make your own recruiting video showing off your skills, then send it to potential coaches.
Consider creating a player profile to make yourself more visible. Sandrecruits.com is a great resource to post your profile and jump start the recruiting process!

3. Introduce Yourself to Potential Coaches
Send off an email to any college programs you’re interested in introducing yourself. You can think of this like a cover letter of sorts—let them know who you are and what you’re interested in about their program (be specific to show that you’ve done your research), and attach any footage of yourself playing that you have.

4. Follow the Rules
There are specific rules for both coaches and players to follow during the recruiting process. Here’s a brief outline:
Sophomores: coaches can send you brochures, questionnaires, and information, as well as accept calls from you—at your expense. Players can make unofficial visits and talk with college coaches on campus.
Juniors: coaches can now answer your emails and send you emails. Starting July 1st after you’ve finished your junior year of high school, coaches can now contact you in person off campus, as well as call you once a week. Players can call the coach as much as they like.
Seniors: after you have the first day of classes of your senior year, you can make up to five official visits. Players need to send test scores and transcripts to coaches before they can visit the campus to verify eligibility and verify school standing.

5. Don’t Forget Your Grades
Last but not least: your academics. If you dream of playing at a top-tier school, but don’t have the grades to get in, things just became a whole lot tougher. You might think that coaches can just get you in if they’re interested in you, but don’t count on it. Besides, the easier you can make it on them, the better your chances are for being recruited! This is one thing in your control, so set yourself up for success.

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