Ever feel like you’re learning a new language when you step on the court? Well, you basically are. Don’t worry, here are some beach volleyball terms that will help you communicate more effectively.

· Ace: a serve which is unreturnable because it drops immediately or is shanked.
· Butter: a set that comes out so smooth there is little to no rotation on the ball. A perfect set.
· Dump: when the second contact made by a team is not a set to a hitter but returned to the other team.
· Fish: a player who has gotten caught in the net.
· Husband/Wife: the dreaded serve that drops right in the middle of two players and neither makes an attempt to return it.
· Joust: a battle that occurs right at the net with opposing players both trying to force the ball over the net.
· Lift: an illegal contact in which a player holds the ball for too long or grabs the ball with an open palm and pushes upwards.
· Pancake: a type of dig in which the only thing between the ground and the ball is a player’s hand, extended flat on the ground with the palm facing down.
· Pokey: when a player uses their knuckles to contact the ball.
· Roof: what happens when a blocker makes contact with the ball and sends it straight down onto the other side of the net.
· Shank: an uncontrolled pass which flies off wildly and cannot be retrieved by a teammate.
· Tip/Dink: when on the third contact a player chooses to softly send it over rather than spiking it.

Now get out there and start playing so you can make use of all these terms you now know!

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