Q: What are the age divisions for youth tournaments?

A: U18 U16 U14 U12

Q: I play indoor volleyball but not beach, can I join Sand Soul?

A Sand Soul loves teaching any level of player. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, indoor or beach, we will teach you this game. We assess all players and place them in the appropriate group to insure they are getting the right level of instruction for their current skill set.

Q:  Do I need a partner?

AYou do not need a partner to participate in Sand Soul volleyball club practices. We practice in small groups and we do best to match you with a compatible partner for tournament play.  But ultimately it is the players’ choice and responsibility to select the partner that is right for them.

Q: Where are practices held?

A:   Newland and PCH in Huntington Beach, CA

Q: When are practices held?

A: During the Fall Winter and Spring Seasons.

Weekdays practices are about 2 1/2 hrs long and times range from 3:30pm-6:15pm (These times are adjusted due to sunset and daylight savings time). Most Saturdays are 9:30am-11:45am (There may be some Sat 3:00pm-5:00pm due to High school competition).

Summer workouts are usually 9:30-11:30am and scheduled during the week.

We provide a weekly email with updated times and schedules and any upcoming tournaments.

Q; What should you wear?

AWhat is comfortable to play in, and layer off as you warm up. Tights, sport bra’s bathing suit t-shirts, shorts, visor, glasses, hats advised. We often go in the ocean after practice, so wear a bathing suit under your clothes. Players should always wear a good sunscreen. At tournaments players should wear their Sand Soul T-shirts and visors, bikini’s.

Q: What should you bring?

A: Bring water, sunscreen and a good attitude.

Q: What if it is raining or windy?

AWe will practice in any weather, unless it is really wet. Check with the coach or check out our Instagram post. (need link to Instagram here)

Q: What if I do not use all my sessions?

A: Unused sessions in the Spring, Fall, Winter seasons can be rolled over into the next season if unused. The Summer Season cannot be rolled over as the Summer sessions are longer than the rest of the year.

Q: Where can you drop off players?

A: You can easily drop off players at Newland Street and PCH in the roundabout on the beach side of the street. You can also park at the state beach lot entrance at Magnolia, however there is a fee. There are parking passes available for state beach parking, for more information contact Valinda.