We are firm believers that every volleyball player can benefit from playing some sand volleyball. Whether your goal is to take your beach volleyball game all the way to the top, or whether you want to simply improve your skills for your indoor game, you will benefit from getting out on the sand.

If you’ve ever walked across a beach, you’ll know precisely how much harder everything becomes when you’re in the sand. Even a simple mile walk which might not even affect you if you were on concrete can leave your calves burning when you’re making your way through deep sand. This brings us to our first reason you should play beach volleyball:

It will challenge every aspect of your physical game. When you’re pushing everything to its limit, everything will improve, from your vertical to your reaction time. After training on the sand, you’ll feel like you’re flying out of the gym.

It will push you to develop new skills. What we mean by this is that you can’t help but participate in every play when you’re playing doubles on the beach. You’ll be touching every ball virtually every single rally, and you’ll be doing everything from passing to setting and spiking. You’ll be trading off serving every other time, which means all the more practice getting that floater in.

Your ball control will improve. When you’re playing inside a gym, there’s no sun, sand, or wind to get in the way. But when you’re outside, suddenly the elements are a factor that you have to take into account. You’ll learn to adjust your serve to combat the wind and make sure your sets are in just the right position so that once the wind comes into play, it will land where it needs to be.

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