We’re going to let you in on a little secret about dressing for beach volleyball: it’s all about layering. If you know how to layer right, then you will be prepared for just about every scenario that might come up throughout the day—and if there’s anything consistent about the weather at the beach, it’s that it will change. When you arrive in the morning, there can be dark looming clouds that have all but cleared up an hour later. Winds change speed and direction on the flip of a switch, and the ocean breeze can have a huge effect on the temperature.

Base Layer: This is what you want to be wearing during the hottest part of the day—usually a bathing suit, but if you have something else that you feel more comfortable moving around in, just make sure that it is lightweight and breathable.

Second Layer: Something that will keep you from going stone cold in-between matches and during warmups. A tank top and leggings are a personal favorite, but a short sleeve T-shirt will work great as well.

Third Layer: A long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt that will allow you to move around still but will offer some warmth. You will probably show up in the morning wearing this and shed it as you get warm and the sun starts to poke through, so make sure it’s easy to take on and off!

Fourth Layer: If the weather looks windy and potentially rainy, your fourth layer will be a windbreaker that can keep you protected. If it’s a hot, sunny day, your fourth layer will be a hat and sunglasses. It’s a good idea to keep all of these things inside your beach bag just in case your weather app turns out to be wrong, though—that way you’ll be prepared for any scenario.

You’ll learn what works best for you as you go, but this is a great place to start. If you’re looking for some great pieces to build that beach volleyball wardrobe, head over to our clothing store where we have lots of great options that are perfect for layering. Happy playing!

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