Our Favorite Cold Weather Gear

Any athlete knows the power of consistency in training. The more time an athlete is able to dedicate over the long haul, the better the results will be. Here at Sand Soul we offer year-round training, and the beautiful Southern California weather helps make this possible. There are times, though, that the weather turns a bit colder and makes training a little bit more challenging. It’s during these times that you will want to dress in lots of nice layers that will offer the added warmth and protection against the elements.
Since beach volleyball requires a great deal of movement and flexibility, you want to pick gear that will still allow you to move around while keeping you warm. One of our top choices for this very purpose, the Virus Stay Warm Half Zip, uses coffee charcoal technology to provide warmth without adding too much bulk. We love this top because the long sleeves regulate core temperature and add much-needed warmth, but are lightweight enough to not affect performance.
Whatever your choice for warm weather gear, a nice compression fit will help keep your muscles warm while allowing you to move around freely. With the winter months still ahead of us, this is the perfect time to head over to the Sand Soul Store and purchase your gear today!

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