It’s always exciting to watch the best beach volleyball players come together during the AVP tour, but it’s especially great when one of our very own Sand Soul coaches is in the mix! Last Thursday, we got to cheer on our very own Camie Manwill as she competed in the qualifier in San Francisco. In a city that is otherwise a concrete jungle, the AVP created their own beach for the players to compete on—sand and all—and the result was a stunning cityscape backdrop as the players showed us what they were made of on the court.

Camie and her partner Maria came to the city for a chance to qualify for the AVP San Francisco Open. The first step was winning all their matches in the single-elimination qualifying bracket, and the partnership proved that they were well up to the task. If you’ve ever seen Camie play, you know that she brings her all to every single point, and she definitely showed every ounce of spirit as she competed against the best that beach volleyball has to offer. In the end, Camie and Maria qualified and were able to compete in the AVP tournament against the biggest names in beach volleyball.

During July and August, the AVP is travelling down to Southern California again, so mark your calendars to go support your favorite beach volleyball players. First stop, Hermosa Beach July 20th–23rd, and then Manhattan Beach August 17th–20th. If you’re interested in getting even closer to the players and interacting with them, you can volunteer to help by clicking on this link. (

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