If you’ve been involved with the beach volleyball scene much at all lately, you’ve likely noticed that Kauai Bikini has become the latest sensation. So what’s the big deal about Kauai Bikini? Why does everyone want to wear it all of the sudden? Read on to discover why we selected this awesome brand for our Sand Soul store.

First of all, Kauai Bikini was founded (you guessed it!) in Kauai. And when a bikini store was founded on the beautiful shores of Hawaii, you know that it’s going to be quality. So if anyone knows how to make a bikini that can hold up during athletic events, it’s Kauai Bikini! We love the not-too-tight but just snug enough fit of these bikini bottoms because we don’t have to think about them while we’re playing. If you read our last post about how to layer for beach volleyball, you know that this is key for your bottom layer. Having something that you can move around in without fear makes all the difference, especially with a sport like beach volleyball.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer Kauai Bikini bottoms at our recently opened Sand Soul store. When you buy from us, you’ll not only get to rock the Sand Soul logo, you’ll be getting a great discount on Kauai Bikini bottoms! Head over to the Sand Soul store now to get your pair now!

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