Beach volleyball is seen a rise in popularity these days. This is more during the holiday season where families or friends love to spend their evenings playing a game of volleyball on the moist beach sands.

Beach volleyball is very much similar to the indoor style of playing volleyball. There are two teams which play on the either sides of the net and the players on each side can be two or more. The major difference between the beach and the indoor volleyball is that the later is played indoors and the other on the beach. The other major difference is the kind of outfits one wears. People who play volleyball in the beach can be seen wearing bathing suits or skirts or any other common attire which they mostly wear when on a beach. Also people do not wear tennis or any other kind of athletic shoes.

Even the size of the court in sand volleyball is much smaller when compared to that of the indoor volleyball. Even the ball used here is much softer and also is a bit larger than the indoor one.

If you are really not sure on how to play volleyball and feel embarrassed when you are with your friends and family, then you can as well take classes for the same. There are number of clubs like which can help you learn the game of playing volleyball on the beach sands in no time.

Most of them have active clubs which you can join and play volleyball in your leisure time and this also helps you to remain fit. You can as well train your kids on the same as they also have a kid’s academy where kids are trained in various forms of the beach volleyball.

Most of the coaches as well as the instructors in such clubs are very well experienced and they know and understand the in and out of the game. Though there are many who play the game just for fun, there are others who are quite passionate about it.

These clubs are for both. Even players who are passionate and wish to play a perfect game of beach volleyball can join and get trained under expert players. These clubs are not expensive and thus are ideal for one and all.

So, the next time you think of volleyball, do not go for the regular indoor game. Opt to play on the beach sand and see the difference for yourself.

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